Monday, December 04, 2006

BCS is the worst system and will not be fixed no matter how many tweaks they add to it. They add one more BCS bowl and, to be fair, it makes it so two more teams can come so it's a bit better but it's still not the best nor will it ever be the best until they implement a playoff. Most people would agree that a playoff would eliminate a lot of the crap that happens every year and it would allow some teams that deserve a shot at the national championship to get their shot.

A great example of injustice is Boise State this year. I'm not a huge Bronco fan but because they are from the WAC they must go undefeated to even get into the BCS bowl games and yet they will not be playing for the championship against The Ohio State University simply because the WAC is viewed as an inferior conference. I agree that most teams in the WAC aren't great but BSU is the only other undefeated team this year in division 1-A so why not give them a shot? I know all the arguments and there is some merit but what would solve all of this is a playoff. Take 32 teams and include all conference champs and then other deserving teams such as Michigan, LSU, Notre Dame etc...and match them up in a highest playing lowest setting. This system would not minimize the regular season as you'd have to show your worth during the season and win your conference.

I am a BYU fan and we hail from the Mountain West Conference. Our football teams are good and have beaten teams from all conferences. Some of the better teams we have are BYU, TCU, and Utah but under the current system we will never be given a shot at the National Championship, it's unjust and quite frankly ridiculous to say to a team "I'm sorry, you're good enough to compete in the top division, but we don't feel that anybody from this conference will ever deserve a shot at being the best in the nation". We ended up with two teams in the top 25 AP poll BYU at 19 and TCU at 25. BYU had two early season losses that were close and should have won but due to a lack of execution on our part did not. TCU lost to BYU and were injured after and the next week lost to a pretty good Utah team. There are plenty of 3 and 4 loss teams above them, which is irritating but to be fair a playoff should be demanded so as to truly prove who is the best team.

It wouldn't take that much if any extra time. As soon as the regular season is done the playoff commences and let the madness ensue. Think of how exciting a 32 team playoff could be. Money shouldn't be an issue as there would be even more money to be had and the BCS bowl names could be kept for the final 4 and championship game so they wouldn't loose out. It just makes sense and would give some of the lesser known teams a chance. Also, it would allow teams from the non-BCS conferences to be all to tell recruits that we now have a shot at the national championship. You can't tell me that this doesn't affect recruiting. Many of the top players won't even consider a non-BCS conference for this reason alone. Every other college team sport has a playoff, why shouldn't we? All other college football divisions have a playoff, why shouldn't we?

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ah, the machinations of the left are becoming even more devious and derisive. Today I had the complete misfortune of attending the dreadful movie "Happy Feet". I went to it on a free ticket with my Mother's company's Christmas party. They hold an annual event where family of the employee can come and ride some kiddy rides, get prizes and attend a free movie. As a family we were rather excited as it is not often that we get out to a movie due to the cost so this was to be a rare pleasure for us. It turned into a nightmare of which I wish I never had taken part.

Some of the details are not crystal clear to me anymore but the overtones to the movie are so overt as to leave even the most dim witted individual understanding the general message. And that is:

  1. The theory of evolution is true and factual
  2. Those who believe in traditional values and in an Almighty God are crazy old nut cases and out of touch with reality
  3. Life is only about sex and sexual promiscuity
  4. That animals are people too ergo they have feelings
  5. Everything man does in commercial fishing and industrialization is inherently evil and a malignant blight, in fact man well the right wing is a blight and only the left and their fanciful ideals can set everything straight.
  6. Global warming is a fact and not some Al Gore fantasy.

We see the religious leader and colony elder of the penguins preaching that millennia ago their ancestors forsook their wings and adapted to life with fins and for this we praise them. Please evolution if simply a pseudo-science platform that helps the godless spread their doctrine. I'm not going to give all my reasoning behind this as that would be an entire entry in and of itself but suffice it to say that evolution is a crock and there is absolutely no substantial evidence that would indicate otherwise. On the contrary the evidence for Intelligent Design is rather overwhelming, take for example the simple fact that you are reading this and have a sense of morality and consciousness. In this wretched film children are subtly taught that evolution is fact and the animals love it. God would teach that animals are here on earth and fill the measure of their creature, however great or insignificant that measure is.

The movie clearly makes those who have some belief in God as complete liars as in the case of Lovelace or old nut cases as in the elder of the emperor penguins. They are seen as daft and completely insane. It is clearly shown that those who believe in religion are out of touch and their ideals shouldn't be heeded. In fact both are 'converted' to the liberal left by the main character who holds all the answers and is a young vibrant altruist who with his new found religion, which is one in with no god shows the old dotards what is real and that their believes are fallacy. The other religious leader, Lovelace is a corrupt preacher who knows his religious talisman is a hoax and is more interested in keeping his harem than in providing actual leadership. His also in 'converted' through the main characters altruistic and noble ideals, that is man is evil and dancing makes everything okay. Just listen to me preacher I'm young and hip I have the answers.

The whole film is rank with sexual references and innuendo not truly suited for the young audience this movie certainly attracts but who are too young to fully understand but the damage is done in the subconscious. It is truly disgraceful to see such sorted behavior and have it marketed to children. Why do liberals want kids to think promiscuous sex is not only acceptable but is encouraged and popular.

The aspect of humanizing animals was a direct appeal to the animal rights crowd. Animals are just like us you see only they can't talk and therefore should be treated just like us. Anything that benefits mankind in the realm of commercialism and industrialism is evil. If we are not tree huggers and animal researchers we are evil. If we are interested in our own wants and needs, such as feeding ourselves, we are evil. If we are not...well you get the point. Man is evil for wanting to have oil, to fish, to essentially live the way the majority of us do. Maybe we should tell the leopard seal and Orca that they are evil too after all they want to eat the penguins and after all they are people too, shouldn't they be held to the same standard.

On the issue of global warming I can't remember the specific reference but it was there and pretty blatant too. It's a ludicrous notion and there are many places that are having record cold temperatures...But let me guess this is the cold before the warm. They are seeing icebergs floating as far north as New Zealand. These are natural occurrences to have the icebergs drifting north from Antarctica but they generally don't reach this far north. In fact, this hasn't been seen since 50 years ago when temperatures were colder than normal. That's right, temperatures are cold enough to enable icebergs to reach New Zealand before melting and falling apart. This is one of many proofs that global warming is another liberal hoax concocted by Al Gore, in fact I haven't seen his recent movie and I hope I never will, but I imagine "Happy Feet" as an animated version of "An Inconvenient Truth".

I should have walked out and brought my daughter with me but I was too intrigued by how far the left would take it. Needless to say I was astounded. So unless you want to go see the film to understand how far they take it I suggest you not see it. It's wretched drivel and not worth the free ticket I wasted on it. It's crazy to see and rather disheartening to know that liberals will go to such length to begin the brainwashing process. Virtually the only liberal doctrine left out of this film was abortion, I presume the liberals knew that the public wouldn't stand to see the penguins kill their eggs so as to continue their sexual exploits without child.