Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ah, the machinations of the left are becoming even more devious and derisive. Today I had the complete misfortune of attending the dreadful movie "Happy Feet". I went to it on a free ticket with my Mother's company's Christmas party. They hold an annual event where family of the employee can come and ride some kiddy rides, get prizes and attend a free movie. As a family we were rather excited as it is not often that we get out to a movie due to the cost so this was to be a rare pleasure for us. It turned into a nightmare of which I wish I never had taken part.

Some of the details are not crystal clear to me anymore but the overtones to the movie are so overt as to leave even the most dim witted individual understanding the general message. And that is:

  1. The theory of evolution is true and factual
  2. Those who believe in traditional values and in an Almighty God are crazy old nut cases and out of touch with reality
  3. Life is only about sex and sexual promiscuity
  4. That animals are people too ergo they have feelings
  5. Everything man does in commercial fishing and industrialization is inherently evil and a malignant blight, in fact man well the right wing is a blight and only the left and their fanciful ideals can set everything straight.
  6. Global warming is a fact and not some Al Gore fantasy.

We see the religious leader and colony elder of the penguins preaching that millennia ago their ancestors forsook their wings and adapted to life with fins and for this we praise them. Please evolution if simply a pseudo-science platform that helps the godless spread their doctrine. I'm not going to give all my reasoning behind this as that would be an entire entry in and of itself but suffice it to say that evolution is a crock and there is absolutely no substantial evidence that would indicate otherwise. On the contrary the evidence for Intelligent Design is rather overwhelming, take for example the simple fact that you are reading this and have a sense of morality and consciousness. In this wretched film children are subtly taught that evolution is fact and the animals love it. God would teach that animals are here on earth and fill the measure of their creature, however great or insignificant that measure is.

The movie clearly makes those who have some belief in God as complete liars as in the case of Lovelace or old nut cases as in the elder of the emperor penguins. They are seen as daft and completely insane. It is clearly shown that those who believe in religion are out of touch and their ideals shouldn't be heeded. In fact both are 'converted' to the liberal left by the main character who holds all the answers and is a young vibrant altruist who with his new found religion, which is one in with no god shows the old dotards what is real and that their believes are fallacy. The other religious leader, Lovelace is a corrupt preacher who knows his religious talisman is a hoax and is more interested in keeping his harem than in providing actual leadership. His also in 'converted' through the main characters altruistic and noble ideals, that is man is evil and dancing makes everything okay. Just listen to me preacher I'm young and hip I have the answers.

The whole film is rank with sexual references and innuendo not truly suited for the young audience this movie certainly attracts but who are too young to fully understand but the damage is done in the subconscious. It is truly disgraceful to see such sorted behavior and have it marketed to children. Why do liberals want kids to think promiscuous sex is not only acceptable but is encouraged and popular.

The aspect of humanizing animals was a direct appeal to the animal rights crowd. Animals are just like us you see only they can't talk and therefore should be treated just like us. Anything that benefits mankind in the realm of commercialism and industrialism is evil. If we are not tree huggers and animal researchers we are evil. If we are interested in our own wants and needs, such as feeding ourselves, we are evil. If we are not...well you get the point. Man is evil for wanting to have oil, to fish, to essentially live the way the majority of us do. Maybe we should tell the leopard seal and Orca that they are evil too after all they want to eat the penguins and after all they are people too, shouldn't they be held to the same standard.

On the issue of global warming I can't remember the specific reference but it was there and pretty blatant too. It's a ludicrous notion and there are many places that are having record cold temperatures...But let me guess this is the cold before the warm. They are seeing icebergs floating as far north as New Zealand. These are natural occurrences to have the icebergs drifting north from Antarctica but they generally don't reach this far north. In fact, this hasn't been seen since 50 years ago when temperatures were colder than normal. That's right, temperatures are cold enough to enable icebergs to reach New Zealand before melting and falling apart. This is one of many proofs that global warming is another liberal hoax concocted by Al Gore, in fact I haven't seen his recent movie and I hope I never will, but I imagine "Happy Feet" as an animated version of "An Inconvenient Truth".

I should have walked out and brought my daughter with me but I was too intrigued by how far the left would take it. Needless to say I was astounded. So unless you want to go see the film to understand how far they take it I suggest you not see it. It's wretched drivel and not worth the free ticket I wasted on it. It's crazy to see and rather disheartening to know that liberals will go to such length to begin the brainwashing process. Virtually the only liberal doctrine left out of this film was abortion, I presume the liberals knew that the public wouldn't stand to see the penguins kill their eggs so as to continue their sexual exploits without child.


Blogger Matt Jefferies said...

It is truly a sad commentary that we market to children and rob them of the innocence childhood should allow. However, I'm not certain what should have been expected given the cast assembled.
I appreciate your sacrifice! I've been saved the wasted free rental from Redbox. Now maybe I can watch some other drivel not so obviously designed to destroy traditional values and conservative belief. Ah the joys of media and entertainment.
Maybe a review of some of the works of Anne Coulter would be appropriate; some real positive reinforcement to undo the damage being done!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Really...I was kind of wondering if I wanted to see that, but I won't wonder anymore.


Blogger Formendacil said...

I agree with the sentiment of WHAT you are saying, Master Mormegil, but I have to respectfully disagree with regards to some of your basic premises. That is, you don't establish the whys and wherefores.

I agree with your overall preference for a conservative, Christian bent (I'd better, in my profession), but you don't establish WHY a liberal outlook is bad. Perhaps, this being a rant, that is unnecessary, but what the heck? I like expounding...

Basically, you beg the question. That is, you start out with the assumption that liberalism is bad, and you work from that position right back to "liberalism is bad", which is right where you started.

Mind you, I agree that today's liberal tendencies are generally wrong or exaggerated, but you have to start with reason. WHY is the liberal side bad? WHY is abortion bad? WHY do you not think sexual liberation is a good thing?

For you, it seems to boil down to a Christian faith. Or, in non-religion-specific terms, it comes down to a sense of True and False, a sense that some things just Are the Way they Are, and no amount of fancy talk can change it.

Which is precisely where today's culture is directly opposed. We live in a culture of relativism. What's right for you may not be right for me, or it may not be right for Bob over there, though Nancy may like a part of it- but not that part.

Pretty much all liberal doctrines (liberal as you define it), seem to tie to relativism, I'd say. Abortion, certainly, is an issue of "what's right for me is what is right for me to do".

Global warming and evolution are more matters of finding definite proof, for or against, than they are truly conservative/liberal debates (although each ideology has its preferred outcome).

Evolution, like the theory or not, does not need to be automatically chucked out the window by being a believer. What evolution actually does, as a theory, is explain HOW the world came to be. It does not, and cannot, explain WHY. The debate about whether or not there is a God is another matter. It is entirely possible for God to exist, and to have created the world through evolutionary means.

(There is also the 7-days Biblical theory, and my personal favourite, agreeing with St. Augustine, that God did/could have done it in an instant, a snap of the fingers.)

Sexual freedom? Definitely another "What I want is what is right- for me" thing. Relativism all over again. Anti-religious feelings? Again, a "hey, man, whatever makes you feel good: go for it, but don't impose it on me. My god is weed, and it's good 'cause I say it is" sort of things.

The problem with relativism, the idea that there is no right and wrong, is that it is somewhat contradictory. A person who believes in universal tolerance is OBLIGED to tolerate people who are completely intolerant (Nazis, Communists, Capitalists, reactionaries, terrorists). If a relativist pronounces judgement on ANYBODY for not being tolerant, then he's guilty of wanting/upholding a universal moral standard- which is completely contradictory to his belief.

I hope that ramble isn't way too long, or incoherent. I should know better than to browse blogs at this hour... but no... haven't learned that yet.

Blogger Mormegil said...

Nice comments Form and I agree I did not establish the WHY it is wrong. I started off more in an attempt to show how opposed I am to advertising for children and using subversive means to effectively brainwash unsuspecting children and adults into their way of thinking.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The problem with relativism, the idea that there is no right and wrong, is that it is somewhat contradictory. A person who believes in universal tolerance is OBLIGED to tolerate people who are completely intolerant (Nazis, Communists, Capitalists, reactionaries, terrorists). If a relativist pronounces judgement on ANYBODY for not being tolerant, then he's guilty of wanting/upholding a universal moral standard- which is completely contradictory to his belief."

Heh heh heh... hypocrisy at its finest. Reminds me of Obi telling Ani "Only a Sith deals in absolutes". Never mind that he's just stated an absolute himself.

I've pointed out this double standard to several "tolerant" people, but they always, without exception, don't take the point. They basically believe that what they are doing isn't hypocrisy by virtue of the fact that their beliefs are completely correct, therefore they are allowed to judge however they please, including telling others that they should not judge.

It's so ridiculous.

Perhaps the best you can do is shake your head, realize they're an idiot, and hope to God that they are too dumb to find the polling place on election day.


Blogger Volo said...

Sorry morm, but I would from my own experiences say that global warming is more than true. I haven't seen Happy Feet and wouldn't care less about seeing it, but I really don't like the way you close out global warming.

You live in Utah, right? Well I don't have any clue if the global warming effects your life. But in Ukraine it does effect the life of our own species, if you don't care about animals then at least care enough about humans.

As an example that effects myself personally, a black widow bit my great aunt. Now this is not what has happened in Ukraine for a long time. Black widows didn't live so far north as Ukraine, now they do. And I am lucky that my great aunt is still alive.

This was just an example. Many other pests like locust swarms have spread because the temprature IS more than it was. The plains of Ukraine are slowly turning into a desert.

I am a completely wrong person to start telling you things that you are too stubborn to see, I know, but I am just as fed up as you often are.

And I would also like to say that it's just as bad that in many films god is shown as a fact.

What exactly do you fear that your children learned? (This is just a question, not a mean to unsult you.)


Blogger Mormegil said...


There are a couple questions you asked so I will answer them...hopefully. It's hard to accept global warming when they are having massive ice storms in Texas right now. We are 20 degrees below average here in Utah. To get 'average' temperatures the world goes through higher than normal and lower than normal temps and it may last many years. I am no expert on global warming but I simply cannot believe what I've heard and seen about it.

I'm not sure if you have children Volo so that may make some difference. In going to a film for adults I wouldn't be offended to see things in contrast to my own believes. I'm an adult and can process the information more readily for myself than a child. The biggest problem I have is that this is a film marketed to children and presents a whole host of rather controversial topics as fact. It was marketed to kids! My kids are mine to teach and you generally think of movies for children as moderately safe, you may have to explain some things but this was so overt that it was rather disgusting to me. I'm not afraid that my children see different view points but it should be in an open area where a parent is ready for them, not in a movie that we went to for a family activity. My children are still too young, in my opinion, to be exposed to that many things at once.

Blogger Volo said...

Hmm... Now you put it well, thank you.

This is interesting, the radical climate change in America (I didn't know about) and the radical climate change in Europe summ up, things are really strange. No wonder it's hard to imagine the change if it's exactly the opposite of what you're experiencing.

How do the scientists explain the ice storms of Texas?

We can't deny that something odd is going on, sure there are constant climate changes, but at least the warming here is much more than the average change.
Well, I think that at least you shouldn't leave out the possibility of the global warming. Wikipedia has a good article about this.

"Global average near-surface atmospheric temperature rose 0.6 ± 0.2 °Celsius (1.1 ± 0.4 °Fahrenheit) in the 20th century."

And it doesn't need a big change to melt the ice in the Poles. If I remember right, it was a change of about -4°C globally that caused the ice age.

Sorry if you think of this as nonsense, I'll stop if you wish, I hate insulting somebody's believes.

What you said about children, I agree with completely. It is unbearable how they thrust adult/important matters into children films.
In the end I might end up watching Happy Feet myself to understand this better...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate siding with someone against someone, but I must add that in Finland the global warming shows too. Normally, you have a white Christmas here and it's some degrees less than 0 (in celsius degrees)in January. This January, for axample, it has mostly been several degrees over zero and there's hardly been any frost or snow or cold until yesterday.So from my prsonal experiences I'd say global warming is true. (I don't deny the possibility of this being random, though it feels unprobable...)

As to lighter subjects, didn't the cute penguins save anything, morm? :S :D

And if you don't feel bad about it, might I ask how did your kid(s)like the movie? :)

Blogger Mormegil said...

Thinlo, my daughter is 3 and liked it well enough, but she's obviously not savvy enough to pick up on the message being fed to her.

What I would point out to you is that you said usually you have a white Christmas. That means that you don't every year. This year may be one of them.

The world has seen temperature shifts in the past and will likely see them in the future. I guess I should clarify, if there is a warming of the earth I don't believe it is man caused. Check out

it describes a little ice age that began around 1300 to 1600 (it is unknown exactly) but the earth became cooler at the time. This is all preindustrialization so I don't see how what we do would make such a drastic impact on the earth as a whole. Climate shifts have been happening in the past and will likely continue.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm aware of the little ice age and other climate changes before, but I don't think they rule out the global warming. You yourself say climate's been changing and it may change it future, so what is actually the thing you're against? The fact/argument that humans are to blame? (Am I on the right trcak?)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, TGWBS here. As a firm member of the liberal left - I am a liberal socialist - I have to admit I was slightly horrified by this post. But I've made a few anti-Right posts in my time, so all in all, everything balances out.

Here is my defence of my values, starting most importantly with the alleged hypocrisy of relativist morality. Frankly, this is not true, and is down to a misinterpretation of liberal belief, whether intentional or not.

I do not believe in a God, and therefore I do not believe in any absolute morality. There is no absolute good and evil. Instead, what is good and bad is relative, and each person has their own views.

What also exists is what is good or bad for society. Obviously, society requires rules, such as do not murder, rape or thieve, or it would collapse. Additionally, it is good for society that each person should be allowed to lead a happy life through following their own beliefs, rather than having the views of another thrust upon them, provoking resentment.

Therefore, you end up with the ideal liberal society - one of people with different views tolerating one another.

It is, however, a myth that liberals have to tolerate everybody. Nothing obliges us to tolerate everybody. Tolerance must be reciprocal; it is nonsensical to tolerate somebody intolerant who seeks th thrust their views upon another, thus decreasing their freedom of action and thought.

In short, people should be able to do whatever they want, unless that action intrudes on the ability of others to do as they want.

This is very important. Tolerance must be two-way. I will tolerate a Muslim or a Christian despite being anti-religious, if they keep their beliefs to themselves. When a Muslim tries to blow me up, or a Christian to ban gay marriage, this is tyranny intruding on the rights of others that cannot be tolerated.

Tp's claim that anybody with a different opinion to him must be stupid is puerile and only deserves commenting on because, shockingly, nobody else has.

Right, liberalism being defended, on to other things.

Evolution - There is plenty of evidence, or evolution wouldn't still be around. I don't get fundamentalists' problem with evolution. In the past, whenever science disproved religion, the Church would change its position to accomodate the new theory, as most Churches have done with evolution.

Others have already touched on global warming, which doesn't mean every inch of the globe will get warmer. I don't really care because, whether you believe in it or not, we're not going to stop it.

Finally, I think childhood is a precious time of innocence and naivety. Children should be protected from ALL political and religious messages until they are old enough to use their own reasoning abilities, be that at 13 or 18. So yes, it was wrong to make a film with an overt political message, just as it would be wrong to make a child attend Church or engage them in Greenpeace.

Sorry for the essay, I just cannot stand misrepresentation of the left.

Blogger Daniel said...

A few thoughts:

First, it is obvious that you are anti-left and I disagree with the other commenters that you need to state the "why", i.e. why sexual innuendo is bad. It's enough to say that it is for the purposes of this post, which was an attack on the movie, "Happy Feet".

As a "firm member of the liberal left", I can also state that this movie is terrible for many of the reasons that you state. Global warming *may* be a problem, but that doesn't mean we need to be hit over the head with it. Same goes for all of their other messages.

I have only two criticisms of your review:

First, the humanization of animals. Is this really a bad thing? If it is, do you also boycott every Disney movie ever made, especially Bambi? I don't really have a problem with the humanization of animals. It's happened forever (snakes) and I don't think that it's had the profound effect you implicate to it.

Second, Sex. While I wouldn't let my kid watch a movie targeted at children where the message was that life is all about sex, I don't agree that this is a wrong message for an animal movie. You talk about animals "filling the measure of their creation", but what is that measure? Is it not to "multiply in their own kind"? While humans have multiple purposes on this planet, animals don't. Their only job is to reproduce. (They have other uses, but from their point of view, they don't matter.) Having a movie about animals where all they do is have sex seems to be just about right. (See: The March of the Penguins - the movie Happy Feet shamelessly and poorly plagiarized.)


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