Sunday, November 11, 2007

I have a hard time watching this video and thinking of the double standard that exists.

It's interesting that there is no major outcry throughout that nation for such a comment. I think if a different group had been named there would be such an outcry that McCain would be obsolete in any attempt at the presidency. I understand she's 95 but I think it's immaterial honestly. If, for example, she had come on and said that it was the blacks that had screwed up the Atlanta Olympics and that they caused a scandal and so cleaning it up by blacks was not to be considered, what would be the difference? Why is it okay to have such a double standard?

I love America for the ability to have our opinions and to speak them, but it seems that more and more if you do you get in trouble for expressing your views if they are not PC. I'm not always PC so honestly I didn't get offended by her comments despite being LDS. What does offend me is the apparent lack of consistency.

I don't know...make up your own mind on this one.


Blogger Daniel said...

It does seem like a double standard. It's interesting that in this country religion is just as much of a protected class as race. Nevertheless, people seem to be more tolerant of religious intolerance. I'm not exactly sure why that is, but I think it stems from the idea that people believe that there is one true religion while there may not be one "true" race. People of all races can go to heaven, but only people of one religion can.

I also think that people somehow think that a person can change their religion if it's not popular. As a "morm" you can probably see how a lot of people can see other religions as largely interchangeable.


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